• Acroyali Holdings

    We are proud of our longstanding, successful history of manufacturing and providing quality canned products to retailers and foodservice sectors in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

    Our story begins in the 1990s in Qingdao, China, with the foundation of Aisons Food Ingredients. Acroyali FTZ was established as a trading company in 2000. Acroyali Holdings was established in 2003 by David and Helen, followed by their openning of a production facility at Jiaobei Industrial Park in Jiaozhou in 2004. Our factory Acroyali Jade was founded in 2005. After a year, we started manufacturing canned foods and peanut butter in our own factory. 

    Our factory now has three workshops, and we have developed a wide variety of food products over the years, encompassing canned fruits, canned vegetables, fruit jams, pie fillings & toppings, peanut butter and much more. Our factory is BRCGS Grade A certified.

    Our Story

  • What We Hope to Achieve and Why

    Acroyali Holdings

    As a team, our mission is to manufacture and sell a diversified portfolio of premium foods that meet the various demands, tastes and lifestyles of our customers while fostering sustainable growth that increases value for all parties involved. Acroyali strives for excellence and achieves these goals through having a company culture that emphasises utilising only the best ingredients, providing prompt and professional customer service, treating employees with respect and dignity and putting corporate responsibility at the heart of our business.

  • Acroyali Holdings

    Our Big 7 Values


    1. Provides constructive feedback

    2. Recognises wins and accomplishments

    3. Sets a regular meeting time

    Customer Commitment

    1. Listens actively

    2. Delivers on our promises

    3. Exceeds expectations whenever possible


    1. Be honest and supportive

    2. Be consistent

    3. Models the behaviour we seek

    4. Builds in accountability


    1. Sets ambitious goals

    2. Highlights the impact of our work


    1. Empowers employees

    2. Adapts quickly to lead change

    3. Encourages open communication



    1. Implements document control early on

    2. Communicates clearly with regulators

    3. Seeks consumer feedback

    Constant Improvement

    1. Leads by example

    2. Helps share ideas and improvements

    3. Encourages participation by keeping the methodology simple

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