• We pursue quality instead of chasing compliance.

    Companies that only focus on compliance tend to view quality culture as a task for the Quality department, but we approach it as a company-wide effort. Our whole organisation embraces a quality mindset in everything we do, and every interaction across departments.

    Here are the top six quality control procedures that are used in Acroyali:

    1. Ingredients Specifications

    2. Approved Supplier List

    3. Incoming Goods Inspection

    4. Production Formulation

    5. Manufacturing Procedures

    6. In-process Records


Quality Certification Gallery

  • Manufacturing Factory Overview

    At a glance, 16,300 square meters are occupied by Acroyali's factory's production facilities, warehouse, laboratory, and administration office, while total surface area of the industrial facilities reaches approximately 20,000 square meters.


    Our cannery has a 15,000-ton total processing capacity. We also employ a total of 300 workers from the surrounding area during peak season, making Acroyali one of the largest employers in the area.


    Our factory was located in Shandong province, East of China. This area has long been renowned for its stunning natural surroundings and abundant resources, particularly for the agricultural sector. Rich supplies of peaches, pears, apricots, apples, cherries, asparagus, green peas, sweet corn, and mushrooms are available.